Rosaura Padilla-Salinas

Rosaura Padilla-SalinasResearch lab: Hang Hubert Yin
Research department: Chemistry & Biochemistry
Research field: Drug discovery, chemical biology, and innate immunity
Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate


Why are you a part of CU Café?
We should care about diversity in the STEM fields because diverse views are critical to making scientific discoveries and can help us develop novel solutions to address pressing problems in society. Furthermore, our demographics are changing nationally and globally and science is becoming increasingly collaborative, which will require scientists and scholars to interact with diverse individuals and work in cross-functional teams. For these reasons, I have a strong desire to catalyze change and challenge the status quo of diversity in the STEM fields and promote collaborative science.

I helped form CU Café and became the Postdoctoral Executive Trainee leader because I value diversity and believe in the power of having role models who actively foster an inclusive community through mentorship and community building. My academic pedigree has allowed me to gain personal insights on the cultural and environmental challenges that minority’s face, which has prompted me to become an advocate and role model in the STEM fields and higher education. In this regard, I am invested and committed to expanding educational opportunities through research, teaching, and service, to groups that have been historically denied access to higher education.

Research and/or career interest:
Research in academia

Long-term professional goal:
Principal investigator of an organic chemistry research group

What do you like to do for fun?
I love to listen to music, dance salsa, and cook good food. I also enjoy doing yoga and trail running.

What is your favorite science adventure?
My favorite science adventure was studying abroad at la Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia. It is my favorite adventure because I was able to learn science in Spanish, experience a new culture, meet interesting people, and it helped me figure out I didn’t want to be a doctor. This adventure led me to my true passion, organic chemistry.