Gary Simmons

Gary SimmonsResearch department: Physics
Position: Fourth Year Graduate Student
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Why are you a part of CU Café?
I am part of CU Cafe to gain support from my fellow scientists of color as well as to promote diversity of thought and culture in STEM.

Research and/or career interest:
Astrobiology, Biophysics, Planetary Science, & Geophysics

Current research field: Solar/Stellar Flare Simulations

Long-term professional goal:
I aspire to be faculty member of university physics department. If the job market is not in my favor, I hope to be a research scientist in the biophysical, astrophysical, or astrobiological sciences that can hire on graduate students. It is great to strive for great achievements in science, but it would greater to mentor the next generation to strive for greater ones.

What do you like to do for fun?
For fun I like to contra dance, exercise, run to audiobook, volunteer in my church and community, and play games (especially Catan).