Diversity and Inclusion Summit

CU Café Presents: A Discussion on Tolerance vs Acceptance

Wednesday November 11th from 1-1:50 pm in UMC 247.

Abstract: Given that underrepresented minorities (URMs) make up a small percentage of a general college campus population, challenges many of these people face at majority institutions include feelings of isolation, marginalization and obscurity. These feelings have led some to believe that their presence on campus is tolerated and not fully accepted. These sentiments run counter to the concept of “inclusive excellence,” which CU strives for across the campus. To address this issue, we designed a panel with speakers from CU and the Boulder community to speak about the differences between tolerance and acceptance. The speakers will discuss how feeling merely tolerated affects them (emotionally and in their careers), historical differences between the two terms, and the societal implications of these concepts for growing a robust community. By considering the ideas of tolerance and acceptance, the goal of the panel is to explore how a strong culture of acceptance could strengthen the CU community and impact those who study and work at CU. We hope to inspire members of the community to be intentional about their thoughts and actions towards others on the CU campus in pursuit of inclusive excellence and we hope to change the stigma associated with tolerance at the university and community level.