Clifford Bridges

Research Advisor: Agnes Szendrei
Research department: Mathematics
Research field: Algebra
Position: Seventh Year PhD Candidate
LinkedIn Profile: Clifford Bridges LinkedIn


Why are you a part of CU Café?
I found a great community of graduate students, post docs and faculty who have a vested interest in supporting the students of color and other marginalized students around them so I wanted to invest in that community.

Research and/or career interest:
The Inverse Galois Problem: The rational numbers (fractions) are a ubiquitous tool we use across every field of study and every part of life, maybe without realizing it. Extensions of this set of numbers, for example the real numbers or complex numbers, are equally important in understanding the world around us. How we get “nice” extensions like these, and more specifically which nice extensions we can get, is a what I am currently studying.

I also have invested a lot into how we in the US do math education; what works and for whom so that more people can use math to benefit their lives. In the same way that we can go through life illiterate, but we are much better off using knowledge of words and communication, we can also go through life without math, but would be much better off using math to achieve our desires.

Long-term professional goal:
I would like to continue math research and educating students in math as a professor. I would also like to find more tangible ways to use my knowledge of math to benefit my community through things like wearable technology, financing, fitness, and communication.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to compete in Track and Field and help others achieve their fitness goals, sew, volunteer in my community particularly around issues of equity, and try new things.

What is your favorite science adventure?
Probably the story of Evariste Galois, who died in his youth as one of the great mathematicians over an issue very unrelated to math. It reminds me that even the best people in their chosen fields are people first, with all the joys and problems that arise from this condition.