Follow your dreams

By Adriana Landeros,, January 25, 2016
About a year ago, I was sitting in a cell contemplating what I was going to do with my life. I was facing three felonies and a sentence of 1-20 years for drug trafficking. I knew I could do better than the life I was leading. I decided to write the judge and tell him I missed being in school and doing research. I told him if I was given a second chance, I would not repeat my mistakes, and I would return to the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) to finish my undergraduate degree.
During my time in jail, I truly began to appreciate reading. I was eager to learn. I subscribed to Science magazine and tried to stay current, so I would be able to ask my future professors questions and engage in conversations about the science news.
Fortunately, my case was dismissed, and I was set free after being incarcerated for seven months. I applied for readmission to UCSC and was accepted for the spring of 2015. Now I am back at UCSC with the same goal in mind but a different way of thinking.
Clearly, not everyone lands in jail, but I’ve met plenty of people in my journey to obtain a higher education that have made mistakes, taken wrong turns, and, well … messed up. I want to share with my fellow students four key concepts I have learned along the way to keep me on my path to a life of science—a life where I am following my dreams.
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What’s your story? How did you get into science? Share in the comments section!

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