Enrique De La Cruz seminars on Wednesday 2/17!

Dr. Enrique De La Cruz will be visiting campus this Wednesday February 17th and will be giving two talks! Dr. De La Cruz is a world expert in cellular biophysics. His work focuses on molecular motors and cytoskeletal protein dynamics. His interdisciplinary research studying the kinetics and thermodynamics of enzymes and polymers that span the central dogma of molecular biology has provided insights of pathology of diseases in muscle, kidney, heart and brain. He has taken leadership positions in several scientific societies, where he sparked several initiatives for diversity in STEM; headed many outreach activities that focus on minority participation in research; and is an active SACNAS member. For this visit, Dr. De La Cruz is also bringing a postdoc, Dr. Eric Johnson Chavarria, who will be speaking about his research in the De La Cruz lab. Details about all talks below:

  • Seminar 1: Eric Johnson Chavarria will kick off the talks at 10:30 am in B115 (JSCBB). His talk is titled: “Automated microfluidics for measuring single bacteria gene expression and actin cytoskeleton force dependence.”
  • Seminar 2: Enrique De La Cruz’s informal seminar will be at 12:00 pm in B121 (Porter). His talk is titled: “Was I supposed to make it?”
  • Seminar 3: Enrique De La Cruz’s research seminar will be at 3:30 pm in Butcher Auditorium (JSCBB). His talk is titled: “How cells use chemistry and physics to break the bones that power their movement.”

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