Recap of Ahna Skop’s visit to CU on 12/1!

On Dec 1st, CU Café and the Signaling and Cellular Regulation (SCR) Training Grant program hosted Dr. Ahna Skop and her undergraduate student Alex Villarreal at CU Boulder.

Dr. Ahna Skop is an associate professor of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She did her undergraduate at Syracuse University and her PhD work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under Dr. John White. She then moved to a post-doc at the University of California Berkeley with Rebecca Heald and Barbara Meyer, after which she returned to UW-Madison as a faculty member. Dr. Skop has won a number of awards, including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers and the AAAS Remarkable Women in Science Award, and in addition to several other professional associations she has been a longstanding member and now is a board member of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS).

During her visit to CU Boulder, Dr. Skop met with faculty in a variety of departments across campus (MCDB, Biochemistry, Physics, and Film Studies) and gave two talks: an informal talk to graduate students and postdocs about her career path and creativity in science and a formal talk about research in her lab at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Alex toured the CU Boulder campus and the CU Light Microscopy Core Facility in MCDB, shadowed graduate students and postdocs in three MCDB labs, and gave a talk to interested graduate students, postdocs, and faculty about his project in the Skop lab. After Dr. Skop’s formal talk, Dr. Skop and Alex attended a dinner with students and postdocs associated with CU Café, the SCR Training Grant, and IQ Biology. The dinner conversation had a few main themes, including knowing your passions and staying true to yourself (instead of following “typical” career paths because that’s what you think is expected of you) as well as how to market yourself for your dream job.

This visit was put together by Sarah McQuate and Lynn Sanford, who are both CU Café members. Lynn is currently funded by the SCR training grant and Sarah was previously funded by SCR.


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