Ahna Skop seminars tomorrow 12/1!

Dr. Ahna Skop from University of Wisconsin-Madison will be visiting campus tomorrow and giving two talks! Dr. Skop studies the molecular machinery behind cytokinesis and cell polarity in C. elegans. Her lab has defined key links between the endosomal pathway, the cytoskeleton, and membrane trafficking in both cytokineses and cell polarity, particularly in respect to anterior PAR protein complexes. Her lab uses functional genomics, proteomics, and microscopy to identify key proteins and their roles in these two phenomena. Additionally, Dr. Skop is a proponent of deriving art from science and scientific outreach via art. More information can be found at her research website. Finally, her undergraduate student, Alex Villarreal will also be giving a talk about his research in the Skop lab! Details below:

  • Seminar 1: Ahna Skop Informal Seminar for students and postdocs – “Too creative for science” in Porter B121 at noon. Bring your lunch!
  • Seminar 2: Alex Villarreal will be speaking about his research in JSCBB B331 at 3:15! His talk is titled “RNA regulation during mitosis.”
  • Seminar 3: Ahna Skop Formal Seminar – “The mystery and beauty of asymmetric cell division” in Butcher Auditorium at 4 pm.

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