Introducing CU Café

The CU Café is a community of graduate students and postdocs committed to scholarship, leadership and diversity at CU. We developed a seminar series that invites underrepresented faculty from universities around the US to speak at CU. Each speaker will be cosponsored by at least one CU department and will be asked to give two talks: a mentorship talk for interested students and postdocs and a formal talk about their research. In addition, these faculty members will be asked to bring a mentee (undergrad, grad student, postdoc) to CU in order to increase networking opportunities and hiring potential (i.e. the mentee could choose to attend CU for graduate school, a postdoc, or apply for a faculty position). The goal of this series is to facilitate the advancement of people of color and to enhance recruitment, retention, and representation of people of color on the CU Boulder campus.

We have two upcoming events:

On November 11th at 1 pm, CU Café is hosting a panel discussion on Tolerance vs. Acceptance at CU in the Diversity and Inclusion Summit in UMC 247.

On December 1st, our first speaker, Ahna Skop, a professor of Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is coming. Her visit is cosponsored with CU Café, BioFrontiers, and the Signaling and Cellular Regulation Training Grant. She will be giving two talks:

  1. A career talk in Porter B121 at noon titled “Too creative for science” 
  2. A research talk in the JSCBB Butcher Auditorium (A115) at 4 pm titled “The mystery and beauty of asymmetric cell division.” 

Ahna is bringing an undergraduate student who is interested in getting to know the CU campus and in shadowing potential labs for graduate school.


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